How to Manage Problem Employees and Deal with Difficult People Webinar

This webinar really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we want to make sure you don't miss out if you're in a Leadership role. It's the highest level of accredited training The Chamber has ever held!
If you're in management, I'm betting you're a good person.
Reasonable in your expectations, respectful of other peoples' feelings, quick to praise, slow to criticize and eager to live by the Golden Rule.
So why is it that some of your employees keep doing things that bring your whole team down and make you look like bad?
Why do you end up leaving work stressed and frustrated and ready to throw in the towel? And wake up the next morning wanting to call in sick and crawl back under the covers?
Short answer:  You're stuck with managing human beings. And human beings have the endless ability to make things difficult.
Slightly longer answer:  You haven't had a chance to learn the absolutely key, simple, straightforward techniques that can make YOU the kind of manager other managers envy and admire the kind whose team is happy, loyal and as productive as all get out.

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